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YEAR: 2010
TYPE: Generic

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

The winds of change will always bring uncertainty, but they also create opportunity wherever they blow, spreading seeds of wisdom, experience and new ideas; the most solid foundation for growth.

With an unparalleled 25-year track record of private equity investing in South Africa. Ethos Private Equity is an active value manager committing capital, intellect and imagination to the businesses that we buy.

Our time-tested investment strategy is proven across a broad range of economic and political cycles, and enables Ethos to deftly identify challenges and respond accordingly. We safeguard against potential negative impacts on our investments by timeously enhancing our direct and sustained involvement in our portfolio companies: supporting management and operations while preserving growth and value.

This results in better, more sustainable and more robust businesses. We believe that private equity represents a critical source of growth capital to burgeoning enterprises. Our reputation for value augmentation has made Ethos the partner of choice for successful management teams exploring corporate change and growth. Ethos' unwavering commitment to, and execution of, our proven value-enhancement strategies optimally positions our investments to grow in both challenging and benign environments.