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An Alternate Advantage

YEAR: 2016
TYPE: Generic

Ethos is an investment firm managing private equity, mezzanine and credit investments in South Africa and selectively in sub-Saharan Africa.   With 32 years history, we have an unparalleled record of successful, sustainable investing across economic and political cycles.

Ethos was instrumental in establishing the private equity asset class in the region, concluding the first buyout (1984); first public-to-private deal (1992); first BEE deal (1994); and, first international fund raising (1996). 

We are currently investing Ethos Fund VI with c.R8.8bn in commitments; one of the largest pools of third-party capital in Africa.

Ethos specialises in control and joint-control acquisitions and expansion capital, in medium-to-large businesses.  To date, Ethos has made 104 investments and exited 91.

Building better businesses has been our purpose for 32 years; we apply this philosophy to ourselves as much as we do to our investments.  Following significant investment in our Firm, Ethos is pursuing a growth vision evolving from being the leading Private Equity manager in South Africa to become the leading Alternative Asset manager in sub-Saharan Africa.  Hence, we are launching new products into the market – the first is a Mid Market Fund, followed by a Mezzanine offering.  In parallel, we have raised 

Capital – provides investors with a unique opportunity to invest (and co-invest) into Ethos Funds while giving stockholders access to a diverse portfolio of unlisted assets which we actively manage.  

Ethos seeks to leverage our understanding of the South African and sub-Saharan African markets to target companies best positioned to benefit from the region’s unique growth dynamics. As an active investor, we capitalise on our experience of owning businesses across a variety of investment, economic and political cycles to maximise value post-investment and generate superior returns.

Being independently owned and managed by our investment professionals, Ethos’ interests are aligned with our stakeholders. Our existing Partners have a combined 176 years of private equity experience, of which 155 has been at Ethos Private Equity.

Key strengths

Ethos' long-term success has been a result of institutionalising a set of core competencies which underpin our investment approach. This approach has been refined to provide a flexible strategy, tailored to investing within the South African and other sub-Saharan African markets.

Growth is a central principle of Ethos' strategy: value is added by actively transforming the strategy, operations and finances of investee businesses, making them "best-in-class". Through pioneering thought leadership, creativity, and innovation, we have developed a long track record of sustainable, superior investor returns.


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