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Potential Unleashed

YEAR: July 2013
TYPE: Generic

The heat is on

Identifying and unlocking latent business potential is one of Ethos' relentless pursuits, both in our target market and in our investment portfolio. These pockets of opportunity represent the gap between good to great.

Growth is a central tenet of Ethos’ strategic ambition. We take a long-term perspective and only invest in opportunities where we believe we can make a difference.

“We achieve this by collaborating with strong management teams, and in some instances like-minded co-investors, with proven experience in conceptualising and driving growth. Together, we seek and implement full-potential strategies that build organisational capacity and capability”, states Ethos partner, Shaun Zagnoev.

The result: we grow businesses beyond their limitations, making them best-in-class.

“This partnership model is the crux of our investment thesis and a touchstone to success”, adds Ngalaah Chuphi, who heads up Ethos’ sub-Saharan investing.

Ethos is actively assessing our market to identify opportunities for our recently closed, US$800m Fund VI. We are specialists in control or joint-control acquisitions with enterprise values of c.R750 million to c.R3 billion, and consider large-sized, syndicated transactions of more than c.R3 billion (in consortium). While our predominant focus is on Southern Africa, we selectively target other attractive sub-Saharan economies with a primary focus in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Value is not created overnight. Only by thinking long-term and investing long-term is sustainable growth created.