Ethos Profile

Ethos' Competitive Advantages:

  • Leading position in the South African private equity market: A pioneering firm with a reputation for innovation, Ethos is widely considered to be the most experienced and successful private equity investment team in South Africa.

  • Reputation for credibility and integrity: Ethos has developed a reputation for possessing the capability, creativity and integrity to identify appropriate private equity solutions and implement them in a straightforward manner. This provides management teams and vendors with confidence when dealing with Ethos, and improves the probability of closing transactions.

  • Strong and consistent track record: Having generated 3.0x gross MoC and 36.8% gross IRR from 94 realised investments (as at Dec 2016), Ethos has a proven 32-year track record across multiple economic and political cycles.

  • Highly experienced team: The Partners have 200 years of combined private equity experience, and collectively have been with Ethos for 177 years.

  • Excellent reputation for supporting BEE: Having pioneered BEE transactions in the context of South African private equity, Ethos continues to be a leader in successfully structuring and executing these investments, which is a significant deal sourcing and competitive advantage. Ethos completed the first ever private equity based BEE deal (Kagiso Publishers in 1994). Continuing this strong tradition, 63% of the investments in Fund V and 67% of Fund VI have BEE participation.

  • Unparalleled deal sourcing: Ethos has developed an unparalled network and reputation within the South African business community, which enables early access to the most attractive investment opportunities and minimises competition from other financial or strategic buyers. 89% of Fund V and VI investments have been sourced on a proactive or proprietary basis.