YEAR: 2015
BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Retailer and wholesaler of Automotive Parts
ENTERPRISE VALUE (R'M): Not disclosed

In the Zone

Off-field preparation invariably determines the degree of success in the sports arena. The same is true for private equity.

Ethos’ investment conviction is grounded in meticulous analysis, creative insight and practical solutions accumulated over the months prior to concluding a transaction.

Most importantly, experience has taught us that the pace of performance is fast-tracked when we have constructive collaboration with executive teams during this pre-deal phase.

Accordingly, Ethos - together with AutoZone’s management - tested strategic concepts and initiated plans to accelerate business growth long before we announced our investment into the business - South Africa’s largest privately-owned aftermarket auto parts retailer and wholesaler.

Why are we so passionate about disciplined pre-deal analysis? Because our role is to anticipate and influence the field of play from the onset.

We achieve this by collectively crafting a high-performance playbook focusing on execution agility, leadership capacity, business scalability, sustainability and growth. This thoughtful, creative and pre-emptive game plan is our differentiator and a principal reason why business managers choose Ethos when they aspire to lift their game.

After all, we play to win.