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BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Integrated communication services
FUND: Ethos Technology Fund

Ethos' value-adding approach turns vision into reality

With a proven record of seeing opportunities differently, we believe that value creation is more than meets the eye

After a successful six-year partnership, Ethos Technology Fund I has exited its investment in South African ICT provider ATIO. This transaction enabled BEE group, Thuthukani, to partner the management team and become ATIO's majority shareholder.

ATIO provides integrated communication services such as contact centres, converged networking, unified communications, mobility and IP telephony. The company also offers performance management services focusing on wireless network optimisation, and cloud-based training solutions and services.

Since our initial investment in 2006, we have played an integral role in steering ATIO's ambitious management team towards the expansion and diversification of the business. Despite challenging market conditions, three bolt-on acquisitions ensued. These resulted in an enhanced product offering whilst maintaining a niche customer positioning.

The constructive and collaborative partnership between a visionary management team and an imaginative private equity partner resulted in the creation of an attractive ICT business.

After all, building better businesses is our ethos.