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BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Manufacturing and distribution of mining and machinery equipment parts
INVESTMENT PARTNERS: Kagiso Ventures and RMB Corvest

Presenting our latest award winning cast

An empowerment deal cast in iron.

Ethos has a long standing partnership with Ozz Industrial having first invested in the company in 1990. The deep understanding we have of Ozz's business, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead have led Ethos Fund IV to acquire a 37.5% interest in a public to private transaction.

Ethos is partnering in a consortium with a leading black empowerment private equity firm, Kagiso Ventures, and RMB Corvest.

Ethos' strategy for this investment is based on:

  • Opportunities to grow South African volumes through the introduction of an empowerment shareholder
  • Opportunities to expand production capacity
  • Continued growth of export sales to global mining and aggregate processors leveraging off the low cost South African manufacturing base
  • The continued development and significant growth of the South African platinum industry.

By becoming one of the largest Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) suppliers in the mining industry, Ozz has an extraordinary opportunity to play a leading role in promoting empowerment in procurement; a major element within the BEE mining charter. This will create a competitive advantage over its multinational competitors.

This is Ethos' 83 rd transaction and the sixth deal concluded by Ethos Fund IV.