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Ethos Private Equity Team

We employ over 60 members of staff, including 15 partners, making us the largest private equity firm in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our people represent the most experienced private equity team in South Africa and our single greatest asset.  The strength of our team is what sets us apart:

  • Exceptional, multi-disciplinary expertise across the value chain (transactional, operational, and analytical) exists in all levels of the team.
  • Emphasis on professional development ensures on going organisational evolution to maintain market leadership.
  • Team-based value system enables efficient processing of complex projects.
  • 30 investment professionals dedicated to portfolio company investments.
  • Focused on establishing long-term, consultative relationships that enable deep understanding.

Consequently, our team is able to analyse change and anticipate opportunities resulting in a robust, self-driven deal pipeline.

Ethos' investment team is supported by committed, professional support staff, dedicated to providing "best-in-class" finance, marketing and public relations, administration, compliance, operations and talent management. 

The Ethos Culture

Ethos embodies a high-performance team culture. Ethos is committed to recruiting and developing talent within the Firm and there are high expectations of excellence across strategic, operational and administrative functions.

Likewise, Ethos is steadfast in its dedication to providing equal opportunities to all, and diversity in all its facets is embraced.  A key tenant of the Ethos culture is to relentlessly strive to continue the philosophy of transformation within black empowerment, both at the Firm, and at the underlying portfolio companies.

Above all, Ethos’ culture expresses the core leadership values of: purpose, execution, stewardship, and vision.