Stuart MacKenzie

Chief Executive Officer

Stuart MacKenzie

Joined: 1998

Portfolio Responsibilities: Brait

Stuart MacKenzi

Stuart joined Ethos in 1998 and became Chief Executive Officer in 2014.

Stuart’s direct and oversight experience in numerous portfolio companies has given him broad experience across various industries and all aspects of the private equity and venture capital value chain.

He had significant involvement in a number of large transactions, including Ethos Fund VI’s acquisition of Waco.

In addition, Stuart’s roles at Ethos have included being responsible for the investment programme of the Technology Fund and leading the firm’s investment process and talent management functions, which contributed to a broad and understanding of the firm’s core operational processes.

Prior to joining Ethos, Stuart spent two years at JP Morgan Chase Bank NA.

Stuart holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of the Witwatersrand and is a member of SAICA. 

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